Learning Opportunities


Sisterhood of the Moon offers learning opportunities and magickal education
throughout the year; please check back often for new listings.

WOMEN’S Witchery Immersions

Our next Women’s Witchery Immersion will be held on Saturday, December 7th. More information is coming soon!

Our Women’s Witchery Immersions are intensive day-long women’s retreats designed as deep dives into magick and ritual.  A combination of pathworking, divination, lecture, pass the rattle, shamanic art, movement, spellwork, and ceremony, these fully integrative, hands-on experiences are centered in tapping into our innate and unique wisdom as we embark together on a sacred spiritual journey of organic, powerful, far-reaching personal growth. Each Immersion is expertly crafted to provide intimate support and witness and is mindfully designed to meet the prevailing needs of those present combined with the prevalent astrological energies of the day. Guided by a Goddess chosen to support the particular work of the gathering, we meet four times a year in this sacred retreat circle. Each Immersion is offered as an individual, stand-alone gathering; you need not sign up for all in order to participate in a single retreat circle.

Tribute/Exchange: Sliding scale, based on income level, $350-$225; this includes your $25 supply fee.


Remaining 2019 Immersion Dates: Saturday, December 7th  

We gather from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. and each Immersion earns 2 Accomplishment Awards towards your Sisterhood of the Moon Witch Initiation.  This container is held by Lady Jesamyn Angelica.

Please check back closer to the dates for detailed information and registration for each individual gathering.

Sliding Scale Tribute



Dreams, Dreaming, and The Dreamer: A Path to Personal Power
with Lady Jesamyn Angelica 

Four Tuesday evenings: November 19th, December 10th, January 14th, and February 11th
Doors open at 6:30 p.m. for potluck and settling in
Class starts promptly at 7 p.m. and ends at 10 p.m.
You must sign up for the entire series; each class builds upon the previous. 

Make your bed on a Delphic tripod and you will lead a nobler life. 
Everyone, woman or man, can do it, because sleep is the most readily available oracle of all.
~Snyesius, De Insomniis 144B 

Sisters! Dreamwalkers! Oracles! Cosmic Travelers! Join us during the Dark Time of the year as we spend four months journeying into the magick of dreams.  What information does this rich realm have to offer us? Through activities both esoteric and earthly, we will explore the dreamworld and deepen our understanding of its terrain and purpose. Together we will approach our dreams as divine teachers, learning to better hear and integrate these sacred nighttime messages as a path to personal power.   

With a focus on the Sixth Chakra, increase psychic strength, intuition, and dream recall abilities while gaining new tools for your personal magickal repository. Be welcomed into our respectful, safe, supportive, and caring circle of sisterhood. This class is for both wild, green beginners and adept, seasoned Witches alike.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

·       Dream Spells, Magick, and Ritual

·       The Astral Realm: Travel and Projection

·       Dream Incubation: Divination and Prophesy

·       Herbs: Potions, Oils, Incense, and more

·       Pineal Gland Activation

·       Trance and Shamanic Dreaming

·       Lucid Dreaming

·       Dream Guides

·       Lunar Synthesis

·       Sleep Hygiene

·       Shadow Integration

·       And more!

Tribute/Exchange:  Sliding scale, based on income level, $360-$200, includes your $25 supply fee and three essential labs in which to practice our dreaming skills (please see the “Dreamer Salons” section below for dates).

To preserve the intimacy of our work, our class size is intentionally limited. Your participation is worth 4 Accomplishment Awards towards your Sisterhood of the Moon Tradition Witch Initiation. This class is for women only.

Please make an honest commitment to attend all four classes in this series, and contact Lady Jesamyn Angelica with your questions and concerns.  Register using this direct link and note that your Tribute is for this class series. No refunds once your space is paid for and confirmed. 



Our Salons are designed as experiential labs where we gather together to practice, develop, and hone our magickal skills. 

Dreamer Salons
with Lady Jesamyn Angelica 

Three Tuesday evenings: November 26th, December 17th, January 21st
7:30 p.m. until 9 p.m.

These Salons are open to all adults of all genders; you need not be enrolled in our Dreamer class series to attend and you need not attend all three.  All experience levels are most welcome!

Note: These are essential labs for all Dreams, Dreaming, and The Dreamer:  A Path to Personal Power class series women and are included in your series Tribute. Please see above under “Classes” for more information on joining us.

Tribute/Exchange: $20
To preserve the intimacy of our work, salon size is intentionally limited. If you are interested in joining us,
please register to hold your space.

Cosmic Travelers, you are invited to join us as we put our Dreamer skills into experiential practice exploring the astral realm, dream incubation, journeying, and more. 

Together we will remember that we are the Holy Pillars between Earth and Sky, both receivers and transmitters of sacred messages. Together, we will learn and hone new methods of bringing our dream wisdom into the here and now, making it accessible and directly applicable to our everyday lives. 


Upcoming Salons:


Save the Dates!
2019: November 26th, December 17th
2020: January 21st, February 6th, March 17th




Annual Manifesting Abundance & Prosperity Workshop
with Lady Jesamyn Angelica
Tuesday, November 5th

Doors open at 6:30 p.m. for potluck and settling in
Class starts promptly at 7 p.m. and ends at 10 p.m.

I am open and receptive to all the good and abundance in the Universe.

Thank you, Life.
~Louise Hay

Tribute/Exchange: Sliding scale, based on income level, $52-$33. This class is for women only.

Empower your success by joining us for this experiential exploration of ways in which we can manifest more prosperity and abundance in our lives. Together we will immerse ourselves in practices both magickal and mundane, including spellwork, intention-setting, and more.

Let’s examine different concepts of manifestation, conscious creation, and prosperity. And—since the root of true abundance and prosperity is self-love—let’s also delve into releasing self-criticism, replacing old thought patterns and programs with compassion, esteem, and connection.

This class is conducted within the supportive structure of sisterhood, spirituality, and magick and is intended to help you to build a personal prosperity practice that can be easily integrated into your everyday life.

This class is part of Sisterhood of the Moon’s Annual Prosperity and Gratitude Week (November 5th-November 12th) and is great preparation for our annual Lakshmi Money-Pouring, Prosperity, and Gratitude Rite on Tuesday, November 12th.

Registration can be made via Paypal here.

No refunds once your space is paid for and confirmed. Our class size is intentionally limited and your participation is worth 1 Accomplishment Award towards your Sisterhood of the Moon Tradition Witch Initiation.

Sisterhood of the Moon has provided me with a safe, sacred, and well-structured space to explore my spiritual journey as a budding Queen in the 21st century of this lifetime. I have a community of sisters, daughters, nieces, Mothers, and Grandmothers to lean into when my journey gets rough and together they create a never-ending pool of loving magic, mystery, and guidance for a young woman like me (and not many other 20 year old Queens can say the same!!!!). Being a young girl in a potently-patriarchal society has never been close easy for any woman, some with more tribulations than others, but when the rest of the muggle world seems to have drained your power...Sisterhood of the Moon is the warm welcoming Mothers hug to tell you ‘You are never powerless, you will prevail, and your Queendom never dies.’
— Abbey