Red Tent 


Red Tent Schedule


Red Tents are open to those who have experienced their Moon Blood cycle. Our space is for tending to the Woman Soul through sisterhood, relaxation, self-care, and learning. This night is free flowing (unless we have a guest teacher); come for the whole time or just a short stay. The Red Tent is YOUR sanctuary and when your heart arrives it shall be greeted in love by your Sisters! Red Tents are lovingly priestessed by Priestess Sabrina Moon.

Tribute/Exchange: $33-$13. No woman turned away due to financial hardship; please speak to Priestess Sabrina Moon to arrange an Energy Exchange. 

7:30 p.m. until 10:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted. Please be welcome within our Red Tent, Dinah.

Please use this button to pay for our Offerings—enter your Tribute/Exchange
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Sisterhood of the Moon has been the most empowering space I’ve ever been a part of. A true
sisterhood of love and compassion. This is a place where my heart and soul feel at peace. I’ve
found everything I was looking for in a group of women. I am blessed every time I step into the
Sanctuary. Everyone should experience a group like this.
— D.S.