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Goddess Altar

Charge of the Star Goddess

This Sisterhood Welcomes You!

Dear Sister-Queen,

We have joyfully thrown the doors of our Sanctuary wide open in anticipation of your arrival and we look forward to greeting you!  This is your loving invitation to join in our vibrant community of like-minded Goddess Women.  Our Sisterhood is an open circle of women of all ages, professions, and backgrounds, and we enthusiastically welcome every woman of integrity who wishes to honor Goddess in Her Infinite Forms, explore Women’s Mysteries, and celebrate the Full Moon in a safe container with other women, no matter her level of experience.  Our foundation is a synthesis of the Dianic Tradition created by Z Budapest woven together with the myriad experiences of our High Priestess, the blessings and gifts she brings from all of her teachers, and the energetic contributions of each Sister-Queen during our Sacred Rites.  With mindful intention, we engage with magick and ritual for our own empowerment and personal growth, and for the healing of our world and our Great Mother, Mama Earth.  We are an experiential, teaching circle and you will learn the skills necessary to participate in each ritual as we enter into sacred space together.  We charge you to bring your Authentic Self to every ritual.  Remember, remember, remember!

Blessd Be!

Sisterhood of the Moon

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