Solar Tribe Rituals 


Open Rituals

An income-based sliding scale Tribute/Exchange of $33-$13 is due before each ritual gathering.  No one is ever judged or turned away due to financial hardship; please read about our Energy Exchange policies here. Since all of our rites are planned specifically for those who RSVP, there are no refunds, credits, or exchanges once your RSVP registration has been received. This policy represents the sacred respect and value we hold for the work of our Priestesses. Unless otherwise noted, doors open at 7 p.m. with the circle cast promptly by 7:30 p.m. 

Although these are open rituals, we are not a drop-in community and you need to RSVP for each ritual you plan to attend. You must be 18+ to join us unless attending with a parent or legal guardian. Some rituals are more appropriate than others for children; please write to us first if you would like to bring your Little Ones to anything other than Honey Hive. All attendees must familiarize themselves with our Community Code of Ethical Conduct.

Solar Tribe Ritual Schedule


Solar Tribe is an All Hearts Welcome open circle celebrating the turn of the sacred Wheel. These rituals are open to all people of integrity—all genders, ages, and magickal experience—who seek connection within the loving embrace of the Mother Goddess. Children are always welcome unless otherwise noted in the ritual invitation. Our rituals and celebrations are deeply rooted in honoring our Ancestors and ancient traditions as well as stepping into the now using experiential aspects of magick. The High Priestess and Creatrix of Solar Tribe is Priestess Sabrina Moon with loving support and collaboration from Sister-Priestesses, Creatrixes, and Knights of the Goddess.

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The Priestesses and Sisterhood have given me back joy, hope and freedom to be my powerful,
beautiful, secure and connected self.  That is not even mentioning the huge amount of teaching I
have received about magic, divination, my role as a witch in this world, my power to use magic
and ritual, divination and inner seeking, to find answers and guidance in all challenging or
confusing situations.  I am slowly embracing my own power, wisdom, and sacred guidance.
Truly an amazing collection of wise and witty women, willing to connect and share their gifts!
 Blessed be the Sisterhood!
— D.C.